Young Girl with Paintball Gun

South Carolinas premiere paintball and airsoft playing field and 10th Largest in the world. We are a playing field that caters to the amateur player who wants to have an amazing day of fun. Our corporate goal is to provide a great experience at a reasonable price. We are the 10th largest playing field in the world! We have 162 acres with 13 different scenarios. Once you get on the field and play your first game you will be hooked!

With more and more technology keeping us in our seats and staring at a screen Red Fox Games provides you with a wonderful opportunity to take you, your kids, your friends or anyone else you can think of on an adrenaline pumping adventure in the great outdoors. Paintball is a excellent parental bonding activity! This experience will give you exercise and your eyes a break from those screens! Book now to have your group take part in the world's safest sport in some of the world's most beautiful fields!

We host birthday parties, sports teams, fraternities, sororities, family reunions, youth groups, and corporate building and teamwork training.


Hours of Operation






by reservation with a group of 15 or more players

Saturday and Sunday's are Walk-On days – No reservations required and designed to accommodate individuals and small groups of all skill levels. If you have a group of 15 or more, please call ahead to ensure we have staff ready to serve you. To save time, please bring the signed waiver!

** Closed Christmas and Easter**

For more information on our holiday hours check for updates on our Facebook page.

Young Girl with Paintball Gun


Major Credit Cards Accepted - All prices include tax


Includes Paintball Gun/Mask/All Day Air/All Day Field pass/100 Paintballs $25


Players with Paintball Gun and Air Tank $20

Air Tank Rental $5


Red Fox Games uses high quality GI Sportz paint. No third-party paint allowed.

Case of paint (2000 Rounds) $65

Half case of paint (1000 Rounds) $35

Bag of paint (500 Rounds) $20


Field Fee for all day play. We do not rent Airsoft equipment or sell BBs. You must bring your own. $20

Frequently Asked Questions

Young Girl with Paintball Gun

Does it hurt?

Paintball is recognized by the United States Government as the world's safest sport. Paintballs are designed to be as painless as possible. Compare it to the sting of a rubber band hitting you. We have players as young as 7.

What to wear?

All paint washes out of clothing, just wear clothes that you would play outside in.

Do you sell food?

No, we sell drinks but no food however Dominoes pizza will deliver to us.

Can I bring my own paintballs?

No, all paint must be purchased from Red Fox or you may be sent home without refund if outside paint is found.

How much does it cost?

Our average cost per player is $35 total per person.

How much paint will I shoot?

As many times as you pull the trigger! This depends on the person and group size, but you can guess between 50-100 paintballs per game.

How long do games last?

Most of our games last a max of 15 minutes.

Is there an age limit?

No, we just ask adults to play with each child under 10 years old.

Will you fix my gun?

No, we do not work on guns or loan tools.

Do you rent airsoft equipment?

No, you must bring your own equipment and BBs.

What is a private party?

A private party must have at least 25 players or pay for a private referee. Must call to reserve your spot and this depends on referee availability so the sooner you call the better.

What does walk-on days mean?

Walk on means anyone can come and play without a reservation and play with everyone else that is here. EVERY Saturday and Sunday are walk-on days. Calling and reserving a spot for groups with under 15 people is appreciated but not necessary. For groups 15+ please call ahead.