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I wanted to thank you again for the terrific rounds of paintball you hosted for us last week.

The feedback from around the company has been terrific. The afternoon really made the meeting memorable and gave a nice break from the formal conference setting. You did a great job of keeping our large group organized and moving and we really appreciated your commitment to safety.

Thank you again.


Art Posey
Maintenance & Plant Services
Wheelabrator Technologies Inc.
(215) 736-1760
Fax (215) 736-1762

To Vaughn
Red Fox Games

On June 30th, 2003, I held a business meeting in Greenville SC. The meeting was for all my General Managers and Sales Directors from Brunswick Bowling and Billiards that operate bowling centers in North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia. Brunswick owned and operated bowling centers are the leaders in the bowling industry for company leagues and corporate parties. Our facilities are the standard by which all others are judged.

I was looking for a fun team building exercise for the group. I decided to find out about "Paint Ball". I found Red Fox Games on the local internet and arranged to have our team building exercise at Vaughn's facility. He was gracious enough to open on Monday morning for our group. None of us had ever played paintball. There were 7 general managers and 7 sales directors. The sales directors were all women I might add. Ages ranged from 22 to 54 years old.

After Vaughn and his staff gave us instructions on how this was going to go, we began the games. I want to tell you that the entire group had a tremendously great time. It was so much fun, no one wanted to quit. I never thought this could be so much fun and such a worthwhile team building exercise. Afterwards we all went back to our hotel to finish our meeting. Everyone was still talking about how much fun we had and the laughter continued for another hour. Everyone talked about our experience for weeks afterward. I want to thank Vaughn and his staff for making our experience so much fun. I would recommend his program to anyone.........thanks again.

James Mandella
Director of Operations
Brunswick Bowling & Billiards
(864) 576-0264

I recently played for the first time at your field, not last Sunday but the one before that. I had played paintball before but only a couple of times. I didn't know exactly what to expect when I first pulled in at Red Fox. But after my first game up at Fort Apache, I now have a new favorite place to play paintball. You have done a wonderful job up there. And when it gets almost time for me to come back, which is this Sunday, I get very anxious to get back in The Junkyard or Fort Apache or even attacking The Bridge. So in closing I tip my hat to you, 'cause you have done a great job and you have fields that people actually want to play. 


Matt Wilson

March 8, 2002

Vaughn Smith
Red Fox Games
1 Red Fox Run
Woodruff, SC 29388

Dear Vaughn,

On August 11, 2001 approximately 68 employees of Kemet Electronics Corp. came out to Red Fox Games to play paintball for the first time. We all played quite a few scenarios, had a great time and when it was over, most of us could not wait for the next outing. Six months later we have a company sponsored paintball club, and 28 people joined in the first 7 days. To say the least, there is considerable interest in our club and with Red Fox Games being chosen as our home field.

Kemet employs thousands of people in NC and SC, and it is difficult to get to know many of your co-workers due to the number of departments and plant locations. Paintball has provided us with an opportunity to meet and build new friendships with many other employees of Kemet; this is enhancing the teamwork and communications that is necessary to maintain our position as the industry leader in Tantalum, Ceramic and Aluminum capacitor manufacturing. This will surely continue as our membership grows and the positive effects of organized paintball help Kemet employees relax and enjoy the outings as the year progresses.

We are all looking forward to our scheduled events this year at Red Fox Games. On behalf of everyone in the Kemet Paintball Club, I would like to say thanks for the hospitality you have extended to us over the past six months, and we look forward to many years of fun at your facility.


Charles E. Reece
Equipment Engineering
Kemet Electronics Corp.

This letter was sent by Draexlmaier Automotive of America after their first group came to play with us. They liked their experience so much that they have continued to come and play with us both as a group and individually.
March 15, 2000

Vaughn Smith
Red Fox Games

Dear Vaughn:

I would like to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude to you and your staff at Red Fox Games for exposing our company to the exciting world of Paintball. Since the start of our Paintball program at Red Fox, the wonderful benefits of this structured activity have become more than evident. Communication between our employees is at an all time high and teamwork has taken on a whole new meaning. The friendships that have resulted from our time on the paintball field have strengthened our whole organization. Our employees are in the high pressure, high stress world of the Automotive industry and Paintball has given us all a much needed release. Throughout the company, stress levels are down and morale is soaring. Everyone has gained a new level of respect for each other and this has resulted in all of us feeling a great sense of pride in our work. I attribute all of this to the lessons we have learned on the Paintball field. Again, I would like to thank you for your hospitality and support to Draexlmaier. With your help, Draexlmaier is well on it's way to becoming a world class supplier and a world class place to work. From all of us here at Draexlmaier, we thank you.


Tom Arnold Um103
Customer Service Center Manager

Hey all !

About a month ago, myself and 5 others were stood up by one of the other well known paintball fields in the area. It was a Sunday afternoon and we had made arrangements on the previous Saturday to pick up some rental equipment at one of the local fields in Greenville. On our arrival, there was no one to meet us so I began to search the phone book for another field. I came across Red Fox Games and gave them a call (they were also the only ones to answer the phone!). Fox himself answered and told us to come on out. It was about 6 pm when we arrived.For the next two hours, we played five out of the seven fields. It was the most fun any of us had ever had – like being ten years old again. Being in the automotive business, we work some crazy hours, but Fox always makes time to accommodate us without charging us an extra arm or leg.

I later learned that the other place stood us up because it had rained a little that day and no one wanted to play on a wet field. As much as that angered us all, it was a blessing in disguise. We have returned to Red Fox Games 4 times now and are planning a get together on Sunday this week. Our group is growing larger every time. We have gone from the original 6 people to 15. This thing called paintball is the most fun I've seen this side of Camp Pendleton. Anyone considering the sport owes it to themselves to try it at least one time. If you don't like it, call me crazy but if you do, we'll see you on the field sometime, and there shouldn't be any question as to which one! 

Carl Hillegeist
Greenville, SC