Field Map

Field Information

Our field is 162 acres of pristine and clean woodlands.
We have FOURTEEN different scenarios for you to choose from including:

#1 Paul Bunyan - A 200 by 300 foot field in a pine forest that Paul Bunyan's kids used to store their blocks.

#2 Silverado City - The South's first turn-of-the-century Western gold mine town - with a REAL underground gold mine! Another world first!

#3 The Junkyard - A huge maze made up of trucks, tanks, antique cars, a WWII Half Track, and even a D8 bulldozer, where your squad uses fire and cover to gain ground in inches. Who knows what is hiding inside the semi!

#4 Terrorist Hideaway - A REAL four-room home used by Mujahadeen terrorists as their base of operation. Can you infiltrate their stronghold?

#5 Widows Creek - A 30 acre capture the flag field consisting of dense forest and crossing a creek where the enemy has to attack uphill.

#6 Swamp Fox - Named after revolutionary war hero Francis "Swamp Fox" Marion. 50 acre field of mature forest that follows a meandering river with steep cliffs. Can you even FIND the other teams' flag station?

#7 The Bridge - Located on a road alongside a steep hillside. Only one member of your team needs to cross the bridge to win, but can you do it?

#8 The Bunker - Trenches and tunnels simulating World War I Trench Warfare. The attacking team has to fight their way up Hamburger Hill in order to attack the bunker and eliminate the defenders.

#9 Fort Apache - A log fort on top of a hill where the Indians try to take down the fort's flag while the settlers try to save the women and children.

#10 Mile High City – This is the world’s first games city consisting entirely of multi-story buildings. The city contains 5 three story buildings and one four story building.

#11 Valley of DOOM - Possibly the world's most beautiful paintball field! Hidden in a deeply forested valley below a waterfall and along a winding stream. This was the site of the 1990 - 1992 Carolina Cup. This is definitely championship material!

#12 Marine Firebase - An authentic triangular firebase surrounded by sandbags and a central bunker like the marines used in Vietnam! Can your team defend the base against the VC?

#13 Boone and Crockett - This field is in the development stages. It will compete with some of our larger fields like Valley of Doom.

#14 Death Valley - Elimination game played in a pine forest with log barricades for cover.