What is paintball? Paintball is recognized by the United States Government as the world's safest sport. No physical contact is allowed at any time. The game is played by children from age 10 to adults age 65 and above and is a combination of cowboys and Indians, hide and seek, and tag (with a gelatin capsule).
What is airsoft? Airsoft is a sport that recently became popular in the US, and it has several major differences from paintball. Instead of shooting large paintballs, airsoft guns shoot round 6mm bbs, weighing from .12 to .30 grams. Since the bbs are much smaller, not as much power is needed to propel them, and thus a large co2 tank is not needed. Airsoft guns come in many varieties, most modeled after real world guns such as the M-16, M-4, MP-5, AK-47, FA-MAS and G36. Airsoft guns can shoot farther than paintball guns, and this allows a much more tactical style of play. Camouflage and concealment are much more important than in paintball. However, since the bbs don't leave a mark like painballs do, it is up to the player to call themselves out - cheaters find that they are not invited to games! For more info see the beginners guide on Renegade Recon, Airsoft Retreat, or Arnie's Airsoft.
Can I have a birthday or other type of party at Red Fox? Yes, we have at least 2 to 3 birthday and bachelor parties every weekend ranging from 2 to 25 people. The average cost per player in 2008 was $25 to $27. No reservations are required, just give us a heads up so we can be ready for you.
What does it cost for a day of paintball? The average person spends about $33.26 for the entire day. Families that play together spend even less. Where can you find that kind of value for an entire day?
Can I bring my own paintballs? No, we sell only the highest quality paintballs, and we want you to have the best time possible.
Is food available? The local pizzeria delivers to Red Fox Games, and sodas and water are available. Anyone may bring their own food and drinks.
Why play at Red Fox? Red Fox Games is a Christian field that specializes in amateur play and sportsmanship. Our reason for existence is solely to show you and your friends a safe and fun time in a clean, interesting environment, at a reasonable price. You won't have to worry about being mixed with tournament level players – just have a good time. All of our referees are professionals who have been trained by a NAPRA certified trainer. Our field is one of the largest paintball fields in the world, with 13 separate fields and 162 acres. We have hosted as many as 350 people in one day. Why play at Red Fox? BECAUSE WE CARE ABOUT YOU!!!