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"City Wars 2010"

What our Customers had to say about City Wars 2009

“Oh my God, it was amazing” – Thomas Lovingood

“It was fantastic. It was well organized. Love the field, love the game, had a blast!” - Jamie Schaefer - Command 56 Wolfpack

“It was really awesome. Best game ever” - Stevie

“That was very fun” – Andrew Dixon

“Second time here & will definitely come back” – Jordan Nye

“First Scenario & it was amazing” – Mason Tipton

“Great Dude, recommend anyone to try it” – Ryan Miller

“Great event, great players, observed no infractions, great ref staff” – Aaron Kerr – Command 56 Wolfpack

“Great diverse terrain” – Justin Glauber

“Wonderful time, loved the environment” - Jordan Martin

Saturday Sept. 18th
8:00 Field opens, registration begins
9:45 Orientation & Briefing   Scenario Map
10:30 First Deployment
11:00-1:00 Game One:
1:00-1:45 First Break
1:45 Second Deployment
2:00-4:00 Game Two
4:00-4:45 Final Break
4:45 Final Deployment
5:00-7:00 Game Three


The year 2053 witnessed the end of our world as we knew it. For decades before resources dwindled down to critical lows in a slow burn that ended with the bright flash of nuclear Armageddon. When it was over survivors were few and far between but the world did not end on that terrible day.

The few survivors that inhabited the devastated landscape slowly began to band together. Drawn together from scattered points on the map they sought those who held a similar vision of a new world order. Three distinct tribes have crawled from beneath the wreckage and each controls elements all three populations need to ensure survival. The “technos” control machinery and tools, the “diggers” control the crop production and the “streeters” control the gold reserves.

Each faction hoards their possessions, refusing to let go of what they believe should be the foundation of the new world. Sporadic fighting breaks out as small sects from each tribe attempt to steal the coveted supplies from the others. Paranoia creeps slowly through each camp as the populace becomes convinced the other tribes are working against them.

Can your band of survivors protect what is yours and gain control of the other things? Can you forge an alliance with your neighbor or must they be broken to your will? Watch out for double crosses and deception as you struggle to take control of what’s left of our world.




(limited to 400 players, pre-registration is suggested.
see full description below)

What our Customers had to say about Vietnam 2010

“Red Fox is the coolest place I have ever played” – Zach Summerlin

“I Love Red Fox...I've played every field in SC and this is my favorite!” - Greg Glazer

“Red Fox is Sick!” - Spencer Muller

“Alpha Rocks!” – Aaron Thompson

“Always enjoy playing at Red Fox” – AC Greene

“Mile High and the Tunnels are awesome” – Austin King

Saturday, June 5th 2010
08:00 Registration
9:30 Briefing  
10:00 Deployment
11:00-15:00 Mission One:
15:00-16:00 Break for Rest and Refuel
16:00- 20:00 Mission Two:


A full perspective of America’s longest war (1958-1975), during which 58,000 American lives were lost, and it is to honor both the fallen and those wounded heroes that RED FOX GAMES presents VIETNAM, A RETROSPECTIVE.

From the fall of French Colonialism at Dien Bien Phu to the fall of Saigon in 1975, you can experience every aspect of this war from the terror of jungle combat to the house to house street fighting at both Saigon and Hanoi. Here is your chance to be a part of the Delta Force team that attempts to rescue American prisoners of war from the infamous HANOI HILTON prison camp.

Veterans and active duty from every branch of service will be honored with a special badge (to qualify, DD214 or active ID is required at registration).

Tanks and rubber attack watercraft are welcome (paddle or oar powered only)

Be a part of this special 8 hour game in which never before played parts of the 162 acre Red Fox Games property are opened up for your enjoyment. Game starts promptly at 11AM with a one hour break from 3-4 PM.. Free camping for all participants. We are limiting this game to 400 players! Please Pre-Register to secure your part of the action.